Who is NxtGen?

Welcome to NxtGen Baseball, a performance company founded and run by Trent Oeltjen & Ryan Rowland-Smith. NxtGen Baseball is not only a chance to inspire the Next Generation of ball players but also a sense of mentorship.

This will enable each athlete to reach their highest potential on and off the field. From the grassroots level to the top prospects about to step foot into College or Professional baseball, NxtGen Baaseball will be there to provide many different services and outlets to put you on the right pathway to success. NxtGen Basbeall was designed by the guys who have lived, breathed and accomplished it all themselves and are now ready to pass that success on to you!

Our Mission

Trent Oeltjen and Ryan Rowland-Smith, two of Australia's most celebrated and successful Major League baseball players. At NxtGen our sole Focus, Mission and Goal is to TRAIN INSTRUCT and INSPIRE the Next Generation of baseball talent by giving them the tools, knowledge and pathways needed to reach their full potential and take their game to the next level.

Ryan Rowland-Smith

One of the most successful baseball talents to come out of Australia, with 5 Seasons of Major League baseball and represented his country numerous times including 2004 Athens Olympic Silver medals team.

Ryan has carved out 15 years of professional baseball with a wealth of knowledge and experience that cant be matched many places in the world. Growing up in Newcastle far from the bright lights of Major League baseball, Ryan came across video tapes of the 1993 World Series and was instantly hooked on Baseball..

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Trent Oeltjen

Co-Founded and run by recently retired Major Leaguer and World professional baseball player Trent Oeltjen with the goal of making a positive difference in the lives of aspiring young ball players and their families along their journey to achieving their baseball dreams.

From the World Baseball Classic to winning a silver medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games to succeeding in the Major Leagues you name it, Trent has achieved it! Trent is one of Australia’s most celebrated baseball players with a professional career spanning 14 years.

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