Nxt Level Advanced Skills Clinic


Are you ready to learn how to create power, velocity and consistency?

For the first time ever NxtGen Baseball is hosting a clinic that will provide you with a skill set from the guys who have lived it!

Day 1: You'll work in small groups of 10 with former Major Leaguer Trent Oeltjen on:
Swing mechanics
Swing plane
Hit for power
Hitting Philosophy.
Day 2: You'll work in small groups with former Major leaguer and current MLB commentator Ryan Rowland-Smith on:
Throwing and pitching mechanics
Velocity program
The mental game
Arm care.

Ryan Rowland-Smith and Trent Oeltjen are two of the most successful baseball players to come out of Australia and now going Next Level with the advanced skills clinic!

"We have been asked to many times to host this type of camp where we are in small groups giving the most advanced techniques that apply to Major League players today. This is suitable for all skill levels and will rewire you to not only learn how to create power, throw harder from any position but to understand how and why.You're getting the best information from two guys who are living proof!" -Ryan Rowland-Smith

Castle Hill, Jan 15h-16th 2020
Cronulla, Jan 7th-8th 2020
Geelong, Jan 22nd-23rd 2020
Gold Coast, Jan 27th-28th 2020
Ryde, Jan 13th-14th 2020
Manly, Jan 9th-10th 2020

Australia CAMPS

We will be hosting our one of a kind NxtGen Baseball camp that caters to everyone from the 7 year old T-Baller all the way up to 12 years of age.

These camps are designed to inspire that young ball player to reach the highest level just like their coaches Ryan Rowland-Smith and Trent Oeltjen. We cover every aspect of the game from hitting, pitching, Infield, outfield. We also host the famous NxtGen Homerun derby!

Suitable for every skill level this camp is a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of inspiration!

This is where is all started for NxtGen Baseball. Inspiring the young aussie ball player to believe they can accomplish anything they set their mind to just like we did! We cover everything from our drill stations to our swag contest! We can't wait to mentor and inspire the next Generation of Major leaguers!

Brisbane/Gold Coast, Jan 24th-25th 2020
Castle Hill, Jan 15th-16th 2020
Cronulla, Jan 7th-8th 2020
Geelong, Jan 22nd-23rd 2020
Ryde, Jan 13th-14th 2020
Manly, Jan 9th-10th 2020
Sandringham, Jan 20th-21st 2020