STEALTH 16 IS HERE...The 16 week program that will change the way you play

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Make monthly payments of $49 each
Minimum 4 months commitment
16 week access & mentorship

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What's included in your program

STEALTH Workout kit including agility ladder, ankle resistance bands cones and workout bag
Complete rotational power and progressional training program
Throwing program with personalized drills designed and used by Ryan Rowland-Smith
Personalized hitting drills designed and used by Trent Oeltjen
Personalized speed and agility program
Total arm care program to keep you healthy and on the field
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30% discounts to all Nxtgen Camps and Combines


What is STEALTH ?

How we as MLB players breakdown our STEALTH athletes

Together, lets unlock your full potential and become STEALTH!


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Movement of the week

Over head Med ball toss

This movement is a part of the Strict power workout, A MUST DO exercise for transfering power and firing those hips!